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Inside For your entertainment

Stories told in a mix of words, stills and clips

At present: 177 clips illustrating 139 story lines organised in ten sections as follows:-  (numbers rising all the time):

    1.   Moonglow Ladies' College
    2.   Annabelle's Diary
    3.   Amateur Spanking
    4.   Domestic Situations
    5.   Student Thrashings
    6.   Military Situations
    7.   Pot-Pourri
    8.   Tarty Women
    9.   Video Auditions
    10. Work Situations      ** Just updated

Over thirty hours of clips to watch or download.

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From Bottoms Up!


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Also Inside

SpankingWorld - Spanking in the Real World.

Here we have nineteen sections on various aspects of spanking:

New to the scene?                 "Please Spank Me!"
Spanking Songs                    Judicial Spanking 
Advertising                              History of Spanking
Pot-Pourri                                Theatre & Art                           
Domestic Situations              Dressed for Spanking   
Cartoons                                  Spanking sells,  at the cinema
Spankable Bottoms              Spanking in the Newspapers   
Spanking Machines              Spanking in Literature
Spanking Stories                 
 Spanking Photo Stories 

Plus Compilations of clips from Brazil, Mexico, Westerns and the Naughties (2000s). Each has six little known extracts from cinema and television. See members' area

CaneWorld - The History of the Cane.

Read all about the history of the cane since its introduction in Victorian times, illustrated by loads of caning clips. Male and female caning examined separately, together with the skill of caning, types of canes and reminiscences of people who have received it. Also included is its presence, admittedly rare, in Cinema and on TV.

Essential for all enthusiasts!

Clips4sale and this site:

Many clips on this site are compressed versions of the clips available in our Clips4sale stores.   You can use this site to view clips to decide which you like then link to Clips4sale to buy a larger version, or you can just enjoy them here.

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