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Moonglow's Spanking Situations

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Welcome to Moonglow's Spanking Situations, a site that we hope will soon be essential to all enthusiasts of the spanking scene.  It is produced unashamedly from the British point of view; everyone tells us that Britain is the home of Corporal Punishment.  And we believe that as well.

Any site is only as good as it's readers feedback, so let us know what you think, and don't hesitate to send in your contributions.



Read Annabelle's Diary

This is the diary of a young lady attending the sixth form of a British "Public" school in the early seventies. She faithfully records in her diary all the canings that she and her friends receive for their transgressions. (In the members' area, all entries are illustrated with a clip)

Chapter One: The Moonglow Ladies' College

These photo-stories are set in an elegant sixth form college, well known for their famous purple blazers.  This is a finishing school with a difference; the discipline is strict. Many of the young ladies are sent here because of their appalling track record. But they soon mend their ways! Some even become prefects and administer beatings themselves.

Chapter Two: Work Situations

Ladies in these storylines are dressed in outfits that indicate their work role (but not military). We show nurses, maids, secretaries, to name a few, here.

Chapter Three: Tarty Women

Here we see women in blatantly erotic or suggestive outfits receiving their just deserts. This would include prostitutes, girls at night clubs, and seductresses.

Chapter Four: Domestic Situations

Domesticity has always offered many a chance to smack a shapely female bottom. Mainly spanked wives and girl friends will be in the frame here but it will also include punished daughter in laws, au pairs and the like.

Chapter Five: Student Thrashings

Many people believe that the lack of discipline in the student world is a major problem. This section is an attempt to illustrate how this could be achieved.

Chapter Six: Military and Other Uniforms

Always a popular one this, and in the past a source of many a striped bottom. Wrens, Wracs and lady traffic wardens immediately come to mind.

Chapter Seven: Moonglow Auditions

Some of the more interesting scenes that we shoot are when young ladies come in for auditions. We thought that we should share some of these with you..

Chapter Eight: Amateur

This is a chance for members to contribute clips.

Chapter Nine: Pot-Pourri

Every while, we get requests for certain scenes or items that do not fit neatly somewhere else. These will be place in this section.

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